The lawfirm PLC Park & Lemke Rechtsanwaelte was founded by Dr. Sung-Kwan Park and Berko Lemke, LL.M. (London) in 2014 and grown since then. In 2017, Ikze Cho joined the lawfirm and enriched the lawfirm’s expertise with his international experiences. We have specialised in providing consulting services to international companies, especially Korean companies in Germany. With our office between Frankfurt am Main and Frankfurt Airport, we are located at a place with a long-standing history as trade and stock market centre and quick and easy access.

The attorneys of our law firm advice local and foreign clients in all areas of commercial law. Our services comprise of consultations and draft of agreements as well as negotiations with opponents and public offices, the representation in court and before arbitral tribunals.

Our clients are medium-sized enterprises as well as stock corporations, national and international operating trading companies and service providers, industrial companies, companies in the fields of foreign trade, telecommunication, technology as well as research and development. The attorneys of our law firm communicate in German, English and Korean.

We do not aim to become a multinational corporation with a large number of offices and consulting services in all fields of law. Instead, we prefer to provide individual advice and personal commitment to sophisticated clients who expect tailor made solutions for their complex issues. Thereby, we use our special knowledge and our international contacts and co-operations grown over the years.